Hello All,

For a while now we have had some issues with Quickprint. When we press the design there is always a small white edge around the design. We have put a bleed on the designs hoping that would help...hasn't. Is our pressure too much what the heck is going on with it? It makes it look pretty "cheap" on the garments. Not liking it at all. Any suggestions? Anyone else have this happen?

Thank you!

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post a pic so we can see the problem --

Check  your pressure- I think your underside is pushing out - that has been my experience when I see a white rim equally around and I have a bleed.  If it is on one side then you need to correct the print-cut adjustment.


pressure was my first thought too irv 

Great minds think alike - or at least my mind thinks like your great mind.  Missing class in Clifton Park - I have work up the ying yang and did not know yesterday and today is a holiday so supplier closed and I am running around trying to get shirts for a job going out tonight. My shipment of vinyl just arrived so at least I can cut the job.

Heather, I stopped using it for the exact same reason.

Bleed or no bleed, I can't find a way to eliminate that thin white border.

(Increasing pressure............for me at least.........makes no difference)


I love the ease of use, it's a great, fool-proof media.......and would start stocking it again in a heartbeat if that border issue could be resolved.





Diane, the issue with pressure was to much pressure when I was getting white edges.  I'm testing the new Siser PU stretch now and at this point I'm leaning toward it for most of my printing.

Really? I was increasing pressure. Never thought to reduce the pressure.

That's interesting, Butch. Too much pressure, huh?

Now I'm curious as heck.

I've got to go see if I have a scrap left over or an extra print in my stash.


....I'll let you know.





the higher pressure seems to push the edges and adhesive outward creating a halo effect


Maybe we're talking about 2 separate issues.

I've never experienced a halo.............it actually 'looks' like we're seeing the depth of the vinyl.

That's why I assumed I wasn't useing enough pressure and increased it.



I found some extra prints in the drawer.

When I turn the heat press on later this afternoon, I'm going to give your theory a try.

....hope you're right, Butch




guess halo was wrong term - white edges showing past the color when none should be there is what I'm talking about


Irv, I'm sure you have forgotten more than I'll ever learn about this end of the business. I've learned a great deal from you and Steve the short time I've been in this forum and appreciate the sharing of knowledge .   

Holidays are something that sneek up on me to - may the shirt gods help on  your quest for supplies.

A lot of stuff I do is actually multi colored with a white background so this isn't a big issue with me.  I will even add a small white outline to my logos that don't neccessarly need one, but it does help to make them look better and solves the issue you are having.  I'm not exactly sure what you are refering to by putting a "bleed" on your designs, so the advice I will give might be what you have already tried.  So let's say I am doing a navy on red logo, no white needed.  I will make a slight countor to the red and put the cutline on the actual red background of the logo.  Then, I cut the logo before I print it.  This also helps me not drive myself nuts trying to get my print/cut alignment 110% perfect.


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