Hi, I get nice shiny silver color when using MT-25A, and I would very much like to get gold in a similar shiny color. There seems to be no gold setting in the Roland metallic library. So my idea would be to mix certein amounts of yellow, magenta and alittle cyan directly into the silver ink. Has anybody tried this or has anyone another idea how to get realy shiny gold?

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The ink is metallic silver. You get other metallic colors by mixing various CMYK values with the Metallic Silver. On the chart are if printed you can see the values. You can also see the values in Versaworks and have the option to change the values. You will need to keep the 100% silver to get the brightest metallic and ensure you are not doing the blended but printing silver first and then the CMY values on top.

Yes, I know that, and thank you for the answer. The problem is, the inks are not really mixing, but, Yellow, a little Magenta and even less Cyan are covering the silver ink more or less. Thus the result is gold in color, but looses the shiny, almost mirror-like effect of the silver ink. My guess is that the color inks cover the silver, making it a bit more matte than silver alone. My idea was, to avoid this by mixing the colors into the silver ink BEFORE it is printed to get more of the mirror-like effect of the silver. Any idea about this?

Yes plenty ideas about it but what you ask is worst than what you are getting now. In the drop down in VW it is the blended option. That option prints faster and mixes with the silver - but more muted - give it a try. When folks want what you ask, they print CMYK on silver media.

Thank you! I will try it when I am going to change from Max to Max3 inks in a few weeks, just hoping for a little surprise :) Is there any chance of Roland bringing a gold-Ink? 

Roland does not intend to bring a gold ink to market. 


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