Purple coming out of magenta (3rd row from the left) in test print.

I'm running 2 M, 1 LM, 1 K, 1 Y, 2 C, and 1 LC cartridges.


I have just replaced capping top, did a head soak overnight, and a couple of power cleans and this is what it's giving me:



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Ok so you have a 6 color set up - is that what the machine was originally set up for.

List your inks by color from 1 through 8

Hi Irving,

This is the current setup as when I bought it used a couple of years ago.

1. LC, 2. CY, 3. LM, 4. MG, 5. YE, 6. BK, 7. CY, 8. MG


Thanks Eric, I wanted to make sure right cartridges in right slots. The machine has several configurations, so carts will fit in multiple slots. Your are correct. So you have a cyan and magenta mixing to make the purple and you have yellow, cyan and red mixing to make brown. So the question is where is the point of failure. You can look above the dampers to ensure the specific colors are going into the dampers. The next place is to pull dampers and see if the failure is there and the dampers are mixing the inks. Damper 1 (A&B) has the magenta and cyan that share. If the mixing is not in the damper, then it is in the head and you will need to replace the head. I will move right pass the 3rd party inks as the cause.

I’ll check out the dampers. I have a lead on a BN-20 head, will it work in the VS-640?

Same head, but what is the ink config of the BN and then your VS. May need some cleaning or you will have color remnants in the output.

Well, I have a tech coming to change the dampers (I want to watch and shoot video for everyone)

He is not fully convinced it is damper issue, and that it looks like head de-lamination.

This test print is much better, but i get some blue banding in the magenta.

Also notice the blue lines in magenta on nozzle test

The dampers are at least 2 years old, so, it needs to be done regardless.



The colors crossing is more of an encoder issue. If it is not a damper issue where the colors are mixing, then it is a head issue. - my order of checking would be encoder, dampers, then head. A certified tech would not let you film him/her - just saying. If you do, then post on Internet, because we would not let the video stay posted. There are sites out there that do allow, we do not because we like our name.

Well, the dampers have been replaced with OEM units. Doing a head soak now and with better know tomorrow.

I did not film the installation. I didn't realize that would be an issue, but it totally makes sense!


Well, there was only one last thing to do. The head.

I just had a new DX7 head installed by a technician. 
2K for the head and $150 for labor. Well worth it.

It has been fully calibrated and tested. It looks amazing!

He printed out a history log previously to see when parts were serviced and how much use it had on it.

I did buy the VS-640 a couple of years ago from a print shop, so most of the use was from them.

This head had over 26 billion shots pumped through it! Roland suggests that you should expect around 5 billion shots for a head life span. 
So, I recommend that anyone buying a used unit pay a tech to come along and run that log to see actual usage and history.

Thanks again to Irving and everyone helping me get back up and running!


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