Got a question for you. Customer was using dx4 print head tool (attached with damper) to flush dry ink from Magenta print head but somehow some cleaning solution gets into Magenta print head and he thinks the head is short now. Everything was fine before only few missing spots so damper, manifold and cap top are good and that's what he told me so I replaced 3 fuses and new flex cables but still the same results. My question is if it's printing blank then the head is dead but with Magenta still showing few prints(4/5 bars) so any other way to recover the head or it's dead? before I have to tell him to buy a print head.

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Not familiar with the tool, but very familiar with customer telling me almost the whole truth, leaving out the important part you need. Not knowing the tool, too much pressure will blow the valves. If the tool fits between the damper and manifold, then I am thinking he broke the manifolds. Manifold replaced and not working, then head is gone. The other possibility is he spilled cleaning solution on the printhead board. If the fuses were blown, then I am going with fluid on the board, depending on how long left on the board, board (head) is blown. imho. Was working on 6 XCs - those machines can present some interesting issues.


So assume it's not the manifold, with just few fine print (four bars) and 98% blank it's confirm toast? See pix on dx4 print head tool, Thanks.


u get few nozzles, check manifold, u are pulling air


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