Well last week my computer crashed and the hard drive failed permanently. Lost everything loaded specifically to that computer. Yes it was the main computer I do all graphic work with.

THANKS to Steve Jackson for telling me years ago to use DROPBOX for all my art business files. Because of that advice I didn't loose any customer work! Than the Lord for that. I did however loose all my documents, fonts and other supporting unique programs. We all know what a pain it is to load the programs in all over again. Many are upgrades and sometimes you don'e have the original disks that you started with. Oh well it's just another process that I have to deal with and try to find solutions.

Todays problem now that I got VersaWorks reloaded and it can find my XC540, I discover tat I only have about 15 profiles listed. So how do I get proper profiles in the program so I can get back to print/cut?

And once I receive the profiles, how do I properly load them into the versaworks.

Thanks to all that try to help me here.

Steve Jackson had given me a profile to use for the Solutions Opaque of which I had used for the Imprintables Eco Print which worked awesome.

I also have some Results Platinum Print Opaque I need a profile for.

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