We are setting up VersaWorks on a new laptop for use with our VS-540.  On our old laptop we had many more material profiles than the default apparently.  Where can I get a more substantial list of profiles and where on my hard drive do they go?  Specifically, I'm currently looking for a profile for printing on static cling material.  Thanks!!

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i find the standard gloss vinyl 2b or 3  profile with sign and display just fine some times trip to high quality.

never done it but think within vw profile management is a special way to pack and transport the old profiles to a new computer.

just thought if using white the standard transparent self adhesive is very good but not in cmyk only as over inks

rolanddga.com is where you can get profiles - access is your printer serial number - go to the support tab - icc profiles

Thanks Irving!  Downloaded the manual on how to do it and found the profiles needed.  I really appreciate it.


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