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I have a BN-20 CMYK+Wh that I use to create stickers that are printed on clear vinyl. These stickers are applied to a smooth wood surface and the printed part of the sticker should hide the wood grain. In order to get the correct opaqueness, I print a white layer first using an overprint profile that I created and check the setting Return to Origin after Print. After a while, I send the CMYK to print the same job over the top of the white layer.

My question is:  what profile I should use when printing CMYK on top of the white layer?  Even though I am using clear vinyl, the CMYK is technically not being printed on the clear vinyl surface. I was wondering whether I should be using a different profile for printing on top of white ink.  

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I think you are overthinking this way to much. Your ink set up dictates the profiles. In VWs you have a drop down there where you can set whether you want to print - CMYK; CMYK W, or W CMYK, or W. If you are not going to print both at the same time, then all you need to do is to select the CMYK. If you find that the cmyk is mixing with the white, then you can add dry time between. However, there is no different printing on white, than printing on white media.

Some things you will have to just test and retest until you develop a recipe that works for you. Record your successes.


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