I'm trying to crack the age 'ol question of whether I can use my VS-300 to print/cut 20 mil magnetic material for vehicle signs.  I spent hours on MyVersaCamm.com reading every thread I could find on the subject.  Once I thought I was ready, I order some material to try, set my head height to high, lowered my cut speed and increased my cut pressure.  I taped a piece of cardboard against the rear ramp of the printer (unfortunately, mine is made of ferrous metal rather than aluminum), loaded the material and away I went (for about 20 seconds).  The problem I am experiencing is curling of the edges of the magnetic material as it is forced through the pinch rollers.  As the material is drawn through the printer, both edges of the magnetic material begin to look like fried bacon.  This phenomenon was followed shortly thereafter by the light "ticking" sound as the leading edge of the print head assembly appeared to start hitting the raised portions of the magnetic material!  I just about had a coronary as I quickly canceled the print job and prayed I had not ruined the print head.  It doesn't appear it did any damage, but I am scared to death to try it again.


Irv: I thought you had made mention somewhere that the print/cut operation works just fine on VS-series machines as well as the 540-series.  Is there something I'm missing in the setup and execution of this task?


I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide on this subject.  Thanks.



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I have read many posts on this subject and decided that although a VersaCAMM can cut magnetic material, I wouldn't do it on my machine.  To me. it's like using a Porsche to pull a U-Haul trailer.


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