I have only had the BN-20 since early October.  I love it but I've noticed I can't print more than 2-4 copies of something at a time otherwise I run the risk of it getting jammed and losing everything because it doesn't cut it.  This has happened multiple times so normally I only will print a 20x12 area at a time.  Over the weekend I decided to go ahead and print 20x30 area which was 4 prints of one design.  I came back later in the day so I could weed and start another print only to find out that it was jammed during the cutting process and it hadn't completely cut any of the 4 designs.  So basically I lost it all.  Any ideas on why this is happening? I was hoping I could do most of my print and cut at night while were gone but that's not the case. 

Thanks for any info you have.

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