Problem with VS-300, deflected nozzle and banding issues. Cant seem to fix it :(

Hi everyone, i'm having some issues with my Roland VS-300. I started a print and realized the head rubbed slightly on the edge of the vinyl. I did a manual cleaning and a few normal cleaning to make sure everything was ok. However I have some nozzle deflection in my black. I'm running a double CMYK setup. I did several medium cleaning, normal cleaning, changed the wiper, felt, capping station, head soak for 4 hours, head soak for 12 hours, printed solid black 100%K hoping to unclog the nozzle but I have had no luck so far. The big problem is whenever I print something fully black, im getting banding because of this nozzle deflection. I tried different settings such as using Max Density and other profiles in Versaworks which makes it a bit better but its still noticeable up close. The print head if pretty new, I ran about 2-3 cartridges of each color since I changed it 2 years ago or so.
I'm really hoping to find a solution because im not planning to spend another 3500$ on another head. I find the VS print heads really finicky and expensive to replace. Would appreciate if anyone can give me recommendations or things to try. Thanks

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That test print looks pretty good except for that little deflection, however I wouldn't think that just the one nozzle would cause that much problem. Did you check your head alignment to make sure all was in line.


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