We have a big problem with our machine. We have a roland SP540-i, use roland versaworks for ripping/printing and corel draw x5 for exporting as *.eps.

The problem is that the printed dimensions aren't mathcing the size in the file.

For example: I have a rectangle in corel with the following dimenssions: 40 cm x 30 cm; I export it as .eps, rip, print and when the final product is ready if I measure it, it has 39 cm x 30 cm or something like that. Anyone has an ideea what is wrong?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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Received your comment, not sure why my original comment did not show up here. If the eps nudge is not added in VW - you can possibly lose your cut line if it falls on the image boundary. Set it up in the queue for changing it after the image is brought in is too late. It is for EPS not PDF. Since you had no better results with PDF and dealing with the width being off (width is scan) (length is feed) - check these three things:

Calibration (feed=length= yours is good check anyway) Menu >down arrow>Calibration >test print > arrow should be on box showing no overlap or no space - if not adjust to that setting

BiDirectional (scan=width=you problem) Menu>down arrow>Adjust Bidirection>test print arrow you want on thinnest line adjust simple and detail two different settings

Print/Cut adjustment Menu>up arrow>cutconfig> Print/cut > test print> weed 3 squares look for two closest and adjust until a little black on all 4 sides..

then test your cut and let me know


I made all the calibration and I have uploaded the results for you to review it.

Everything seems right to me on the Calibration and BiDirectional (I didn't made any changes).

On the Print/Cut adjustment though I had to make some changes (you can see in the picture Before and After test print).

Let me know what you think when you have the time.

Thanks and have a great day!


Apologies for not starting at step one - please send me a nozzle test. 

Your print/cut is very good. You made the right adjustments. If you ever cut with registration marks - there is an adjustment in the same print/cut area called crop/cut adjustment check that one also but there will only be one square. 

As for your calibration and bi-directional. Your printout is not clear enough to make any adjustments. 

Your nozzle test will let me know how to direct you further. I will take it you do regular manual cleanings - which actually is a question that I am asking?

Hello again,

I did a nozzle test and uploaded two pictures of that same test. The roland is set up to do automatic cleanings (usually this happens when we power on the machine in the morning).



Ok your nozzle test shows that you need captop replacement. That maybe the reason for your test print results in the other areas. Have you ever done a manual cleaning. For I think not only is the surface of your head is carry issues, but around your captop and wipers also. Is your machine in florida or is it in St Kitts?

Hi again,

Sorry, I overlooked the part where you specified "regular manual cleanings".

I do a manual cleaning once or twice / month. Wipers were changed about 3-4 months ago.

If it helps I can open it up and send you a picture of the head/captop and wipers.

The machine is located in Romania, far far away from the U.S.A. :)

Waiting for your answer. Thanks.

Ok was confusing two threads - that rules out  a visit. So yes - open and take a picture - confirming your ink configuration is dual CMYK - No black in test prints - but black in cal test? Print the test print from Versaworks. You can set the width to 12 inches if you want to save ink.

My bit to add is the test print shows the feed calibration rate is out
this might explain the size error

Chris it is hard to tell his feed with the pixs. Feed (calibration) would explain deviance in height, his issue is width. We need to clean up that test print an eliminate all the noise he has in the calibration test print and his nozzle test.


I took some pictures and also did a manual cleaning. I uploaded pictures before and after cleaning.

I am not sure what ink configuration we use (can you tell me where to check?)

I also uploaded a picture of the the versawork print test.

Waiting for you answer and thank you for your time.

I do think you would solve your problems with new heads. If that is not an option - your cleaning did help a lot. I would still change those captops. As for wipers when they start curling, they need to be replaced. Wipers should be with two rubber sides facing out and felt facing back. Your right side looks like only felt - is that what I am seeing. Your test print actually looks ok in the picture. However, with your test pattern you may be seeing banding in prints with a lot of blue and black. You can try printing those items in High Quality mode and see if that helps you.


I just wanted to let you know that I solved the problem. It was from the feed calibration.

I had it on -0.65 for oracal standard vinyl and now I have it on -0.15. The size is correct and everything is alright.

The quality of the feed calibration test print is poor and confusing that's why I ended up in doing a bad calibration.

We should change the heads but we still get good, quality prints so we will postpone the replacement until quality declines.

So if anyone has this problem first step is to check your feed calibration. As a general guidance you should have between -0.15 and 0.15 for vinyl and 0,40 and 1,2 for banner.

Thank you very much for your help.


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