I am having a problem getting a bright red on Color Print.  If I try and print red on the Roland Glossy vinyl, it comes out perfect.  I I print the same thing on color print, it comes out more orange.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I agree Lady Di - I love to print the stuff also. I use mostly RGB palette for my artwork and allow Versaworks to convert the colors. If you start in CMYK - the colors will be limited as Irv pointed out. I have had very good results with a standard RGB red on almost all medias so far.


Irv taught me well

I avoid CMYK like the darn plague!


Coming from a screenprinting background, it was a non-issue for me.

Actually I was grateful that I didn't need to switch gears

I guess the people who did a lot of offset printing stuff have a harder time wrapping their mind around the issue.

They think.............CMYK palette CMYK printer

It just doesn't work that way





That does look great. :-) Thanks for posting the pic.

I will keep a look out for this media if I keep my machine.

Good point John, environmental factors - ie temperture - affects prints.

Great, I am a sponge for knowledge, can't wait to hear more, it's great that you guys are working to improve the profiles, I am so glad I chose Roland, the support is outstanding.

J Hyde 

Thanks All.  I will give all the feedback a try today as I have about 30 shirts to do this week and would loike to print them rather than trying to lay down 3 seperate colors of vinyl to do them.

I have tried working with Max Impact and other settings before and gotten them to work, it just appears it is red on this one material.


I di know my monitor color is not what is going to print, but red should be red and not orange espically when on a blue back ground or shirt. 

Yes I come from a offset printing background and use CMYK for pretty much all my work.  Since I don't have one of those fancy new printers with more than CMYK ink I think my methods should work okay. Will CMYK have the wider color gamut, no.  But really, unless you are trying to match a customers logo color and that was set up as a Pantone spot color does it make a difference if you print in CMYK?  If I'm doing color critical work I don't rely on the monitor for color but the percentages of each color used.  Since I am familiar with how percentages of color change in CMYK better than RGB that is what I use.  I can get predictable results this way and have pleasing color for most of my non technical customers.  The only thing they care about is the finished product and as long as they are happy with my CMYK results who am I to argue. 

I still deal with large printers and I've noticed a trend among customers wanting to send files to them. Not that many years ago a Matchprint or Chromalin made from film was required for color approval as a contract proof.  In the last few years they were starting to approve Xerox color prints and since PDF's are becoming the norm they have started to use these for color approval.  The day of the contract proof is almost dead.  Maybe it's the graphic arts schools not teaching color theory or not schooling them in anything but digital media printing.  All I know is the industry has been dumbed down over the last several years.  To quote a movie....I'm getting to old for this s***.

Well said Ken! Nothing wrong going with CMYK only if it works for you. I say it a lot but sometime sit gets lost in the shuffle - there is no 100% only correct way to do things. Let that sit for a second....... wait for it...... yes - now you all get it - there is no right or wrong answer, just what works, what can work and they way you do it. 

Are there bigger working spaces? Yup

Can you get acceptable results in CMYK only? You betcha!

Offset printing has done it for decades - most of what we see in print is CMYK only - either SWOP or GRACOL working spaces and it does just fine. 

Just because I use Adobe RGB 1998 for my working space does not mean it is the only way to go. 

nuff said.

I finally got the red issue solved.  I went back to FlexiSign to do it rather than working in CorelDraw (I am sure it an export setting in Corel, just not sure).  If i use the Roland Colors in Flexi, apply a cut line on it and export as an eps, then print in HIgh Quality it works great.  Nice deep vibrant red just like I need.

Just in time for my daughter's State Track meet too, barely got that in under the wire.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and help after I press them on tonight, I will post a image.


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