Hello everyone ! My names FIlip a and I have som issues with printing tests. All oter colors are great but the black. I already cleaned it manually, also tried cople of cleanings like normal and medium. I have Roland Soljet pro III xc 540 print&cut. Can anyone help please, I am starting to get a little crazy about it. I will appreciate all help, THANKS. :)

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Filip great that you sent  the nozzle test. What I see from your tests. The yellow channel looks to be used but could not definitively tell without seeing a history report. The black your largest issue with the missing nozzle - one of two things - machine not often used (not case) and ink dried in nozzles - correct with head soak - normal or mediums opposed to powerful // next possible failed damper and the color you see is coming from the other channel - then replace damper. Before doing any of that - ensure you have ink; that you checked for air leaks;  head sits on the top when at rest. Let me know and we can go from there. The banding in the other pix - dark - so check your calibration.

Thanks a lot for a reply Irving. Yesterday i have tried head soaking (about 1 hour of soaking), it helped a little bit but it still isnt it. So maybe just need to try soak again for a longer time. 3 weeks ago tests were perfect, all nozzels were working great but then i got ill and no one from work can print on the machine so it was standing in no use for a week. :) 

Longer head soak it is!

Okay, so I this is what happened after 1 night of soaking. All heads were soaked none of them have been on air. I am really confused now. I can say that As are a lil bit brighter but havent helped at black one. 


Time to check the damper!

Yep, i am definitely going to check it right now. Thanks for cooperation :)

I have checked the damper, both of them looked good, there wasnt any dried ink.
photo of last test


maybe this will help



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