hi having a problem printing stickers.. im printing a decal on oracal3640  . each row has 4 decals and the first two decals in each row the navy ink looks blotchy .. the last two decals in the row are fine... i did a manual clean and still nothing... 

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figured it out dust fibers  on my blade and  carrier...spreyed some compressed air reprinted and no blotches....

glad to know it is all set and thank you for following up so we know it is all set.

You used the words "stickers" and "decals". A very wise man once told me that referring to something as a sticker makes it sound cheap and that a better descriptor is decal.

Dennis- the same wise man once told me the same thing---

When someone ask for "sticker"- I tell them Walmart sell "sticker", we make "Decals"

I like this wise man you all speak about

He sounds like a great guy :)


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