Having problems with horizontal banding. Also, when printing & contour cutting after a foot of perfect cutting it gets off track & banding starts again. We have some nozzles that are damaged on the magenta/yellow print head. When printing a black & white design we have same horizontal banding issues & contour cutting issues. Before we print we do an environmental match, calibration test print, & bi-directional test. These all are good until a foot of printing then the bi-directional is off once banding starts. Any help would be appreciated. Here are pics

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Hello Lindy, So based on your pictures this is what I see

First do you have the manual, if not look in the download section above the 300V and 540V manual would work- 

The nozzle test shows that your calibration is off - based on what I see you should be getting equally spaced dark lines You would correct that by the Calibration adjustment - however your test shows that your black head is in bad shape so you cannot get a good reading. I had that today and used the nozzle test to adjust it - The nozzle test prints in two passes - yours is over lapping and thus will overprint. You can start by going in the calibration settings and decreasing the numbers. You need to get it where the columns look continuous and not overprinting or not spaced out (equally spaced light lines or a gap in the two passes. Go 20 at a time until you see movement.

Banding Calibration or missing nozzles. Calibration you can correct, missing nozzles can be corrected sometimes by freeing them up, however they will not be seen in prints until they are consistent for a few up and or across, thus ink missing thus banding. 

Overspray never corrected until head is replaced and noticeable on text or straight lines and you see patterns off to one side.

Fuzzy prints - usually when the bi-direction is off - the printhead is dropping ink before or after (returning home Right to left) the first pass(left to right). You can always check this by printing in uni-direction from versaworks. Your test is close but I see some needed adjustments. It is correct when you have one straight line - You are lining the colors up with the black guide line.

Hopes this heads you in the right direction and thanks for posting here.

I will repost the new test with corrections made. My next question is- we were told we needed tech support to come fix the print head- magenta/yellow. We live in the top of Texas and the closest tech is 4 hours away each way. Also they charge $100 an hour just to drive here. So that alone is $800. We were told we could not replace the print head ourselves because the nozzles have to be reprogramed & that is something tech support would need to be able to do. Is this correct? Or can we reprogram the nozzles ourselves?

Thanks so much for all your help!!

You really need 2 heads. You will never get that groove out of the mag/yel head. If you only replace that one, you will never get good test prints because the black head is bad. two new heads and you will have a new printer. You do have a V model so you will have a new printer with other aging parts.

here are my latest pics  after fixing the calibration issue

Again you need heads, your test prints will be hard to adjust by since the head is bad.

The last picture when you take it at an angle and far away - it is hard to make an assessment on it

Can we replace the new heads ourselves or do we need to get a tech in to do it?

You need a tech


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