Hi All,

I hope someone can give me some advice.

I have a client requiring shiny chrome lettering for a sticker so I am using a silver vinyl and leaving the lettering as white (I have CMYKMt but the Mt was not shiny enough in this instance).  The customer really loves the lettering of the silver vinyl but would like the colored ink surrounding it to be more opaque or dull.

I have selected a media profile that has 20 passes but I was wondering whether printing over the same job twice would help to dull the ink.

Here's what I was thinking of doing but I am not sure how to get it to work:

  • in order to print one job over the other I was going to set it up so that it returned to origin after print and print the same job again over the top

Would this work accurately or would there be some drift that could ruin the job? 

I need to laminate and cut so would I print with crop marks on the first pass, second pass or both?

I look forward to your feedback. I know this will take longer and use more ink but it is for a premium product and the extra cost will be factored into the price.


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simple fix - 

under the cutting tab, choose return to origin after print and do not cut. Run job second time as print and cut. It will overprint on the original image and create more opacity. 

Thanks, Steve, for the prompt response. Can I print the crop marks twice as well without upsetting the BN-20 sensor? Sorry if this is a silly question.

And what would be a suitable ink dry time?

I would let it dry for a few minutes between printings

you will have to run the job exactly as it is both times to make sure it lines up correctly. 

Hopefully it will be dead on or the registration marks will not work. I would test it on a small design to see how it comes out. 

Unfortunately the overprint feature is disabled on the BN20 or that would be the easy solution. 

Hello Steven,

I have been looking at the Media Explorer in VW and when you create your own media profile, it seems that there is an option to change the Overprint option - see attached. Do you know if this will work with the BN-20? Is it disabled and changing it will make no difference? I'd be interested in your feedback.



I just gave this a go and compared the Return to Origin method with the Overprint. It appears that the Overprint comes out darker and uses a little more ink for the same print job. I am not sure how I can get a vibrant look on either Silver or Clear without using white ink underneath; which I do not have..... I should have thought this through a bit more.


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