Good morning, i'm printing a 13oz banner and when it starts printing it starts to fold, rippled in the middle.  I have put all rolls, even the media clamps at each end, it is nice and straight, but when it starts printing this is when the issue starts. Is my heat to high?  I'm using Generic Banner 1/

This is the type of banner I purchased - ProBanner 13oz Gloss Print Banner 1-Side 54in

Plus I was surprised to see that the banner is rolled with the rough side need to put in my roland differently then any other rolls.



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Sounds like you may be pulling off the roll. I always run my length out and back through the machine to test before printing. A lot of times I have to adjust the media for correct alignment when running the length out due to curling/rippling as it comes off the roll.

awesome, thank you.  i got it going...

Now, my other question is...what would you put the heater on...are we able to print - 60 banners to do - say 5 at a time and have it rolled together - right now, I dont feel comfortable because it's still sticky...

Use default for the media in VW. Do not adjust heater on machine. I normally use LBV for my banners. I print banners one at a time, I don't have to worry as much about runout (skew) doing so. I roll my banners print inside and stand straight up until I'm ready to grommet.

yes, good idea, thanks so much Butch for taking the time to reply to my questions.

To emphasize/clarify what Butch said.......if you make sure you change the heater control setting to Default Media (not default Printer setting) shouldn’t need to fool with manually changing your heater settings. Versaworks will take care of that for you automatically. In all these years, I don’t think I had to manually go in and change those settings more than a couple of times, and that was because I was attempting to print on some problematic/odd media.


Lady Di

Hope everyone is doing well. Sending hugs to all.


Thanks so much CYW for taking the time to reply.

LBV is the correct profile

All three setting in VW printer tab - Default Media Settings

All Pinch Rollers since one way printing

Great to run it out and then back, but if not start some off the roll

Lock media holders since the roll is heavy it will slide left or right and skew

One at a time is best for banners - but if you have a take up reel, then you can do multiple

thanks so much Irving, greatly appreciated.


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