Recently both my printers, VS540i and VP540i have been randomly stopping while in the middle of a print or cut job. The message on the printer says "now processing". In Versaworks it says "printing". There are times when I cant even start printing. If I turn the printers on and off then it will print but once again but will stop mid to half way through. There is communication between the software and printers because I can "get media width". I have been using the same set-up for a long time and have had no issues until now. Printers are connected through Ethernet cable and a switch. I have replaced both. I have uninstalled virus software and reinstalled versaworks (all up to date).

Hopefully someone can help! 

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I can help with one simple solution - remove your switch from the equation and your problem will be solved. Somewhere in there you are losing packets and when that happens - you get the now processing and it will never recover. Some days it will work, and some days not - if you want to determine what you are doing when it works and what you are doing when it is not, then you can eliminate the cause. You may get short jobs through, but the longer ones have more chances of failing. 

The other thing you can do if the above is not feasible, then ensure on your printer you have dialed in network, subnet, and gateway addresses. Also ensure that all of your cables are functional and fully seated. A partially seated cable can be working and then the vibration of the head traversing the platen can cause it to pause and trigger the that status.

How do you remove switch? I am having this problem of job stopping midway and saying now processing

go direct printer to computer

switch removed same issue, then what about:

- Screen saver

- hard drive power saver

- anti virus program

- ip address

- distance from printer to computer

- size of file

- hard drive space

- amount of RAM

Some other things to consider

Sorry, I forgot to mention I did try without the Switch. I hook one printer directly to my desktop and the same happens. I think I will replace the network card that the Ethernet cable plugs into....cross my fingers 

Do not eliminate a bad file. See if it prints in one and then not in the other.

It randomly happens with all sorts of files. May work once and then not. I'm updated firmware and changing IP address by more than 50.

VS540i sounds like there should be warranty coverage...?  Had a similar issue with a VS540, completed all of the troubleshooting you mention including new network card and the random problem continued.  Contact your dealer and document your issue.  Also send a message to Roland Tech Support.  In my case the fix was a new Main Board (that includes the network cable connection).


I have ruled out the printers as both have the same problem at the exact same time...too much of a coincidence. Recently better results after changing the ip address by 50 numbers. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed

Well my printers have been working fine since I updated firmware, changed the IP address, did a Disk Cleanup and deleted all Roland Temp files. I hope this helps anyone who may experience the same problem.

I have the same issue since a half year, its now very bad. Printer do 1 or to moves with the head and than connection error!

How can i do a disk cleanup and where are the temp files located?!


My last hope, otherwise the technican told me about a new mainboard for $ 2000

Hy, same problem after 10 years of perfect operation.  Did anyone fix this problem without new mainboard? I personaly thing that problem is with network on maninboard.



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