Recently both my printers, VS540i and VP540i have been randomly stopping while in the middle of a print or cut job. The message on the printer says "now processing". In Versaworks it says "printing". There are times when I cant even start printing. If I turn the printers on and off then it will print but once again but will stop mid to half way through. There is communication between the software and printers because I can "get media width". I have been using the same set-up for a long time and have had no issues until now. Printers are connected through Ethernet cable and a switch. I have replaced both. I have uninstalled virus software and reinstalled versaworks (all up to date).

Hopefully someone can help! 

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Use this ip on printer and VW set subnet to run a job a let me know at what point it crashes

no antivirus, no screen saver, no power saver

Irv, so I now have this issue. I see the last post about it was yours in March. Do you have any current data on the issue? 


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