Some of you have reported how all of a sudden your printer starts cleaning during a print run. One of the first questions asked is are you using OEM ink? Reason being that 3rd party ink with a compromised chip reports differently to the printer and it tries to protect itself by cleaning more frequently. Some of you have reported that you are using OEM ink. Finally have come across a Roland document which explains it as printer entering into a head protection mode. What this is when using OEM ink, check to see the expiration date on the cartridges. Expired ink, although could be used will clean more frequently and report an asterisk on the system report. Once the cartridge is changed out (ink complete), it will return to normal.

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I just wanted to comment with what worked for me regarding this issue. I was struggling with this for months; browsing forums and trying all kinds of things to no avail. Our printer stopped recognizing 6/8 cartridges and would pause to clean itself every 6 inches or so... incredibly infuriating! We have always used Roland inks, so I couldn't understand why the inks weren't showing up. I finally contacted our tech about it, and he asked when I had last updated the firmware on our VS-300i - Well, never, hahaha. I went to Roland's website, updated, and sure enough that fixed it all. No more "empty" ink carts and no more auto-cleans!


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