I have seen this topic in other posts but no definitive answer as to why the printer "not connected" issue would appear when it wasn't there several days before.


The printer is a VersaCAMM SP-540i.

The software is Roland VersaWorks 6.0.1.

VersaWorks is installed on a Windows 10 PC.

VersaWorks indicates that the printer is not connected.

Two days ago, this was not an issue and I was able to print.

Nothing has changed since I was last able to print with the SP540i except for installing an updated graphics driver (Intel UHD Graphics 610/630 Series DC Driver). 

Steps taken:

I shut down and re-started the PC that is connected to the SP540i.

I shut down the SP-540i, turned off the power switch on the back, waited a few minutes, turned the power back on, and re-started the SP-540i. 

I checked and confirmed that the IP Address in VersaWorks matched what was on the SP540i (

The PC and the SP540i are connected directly with an ethernet cable.

I unplugged and then plugged in the ethernet cable from the PC and the SP540i. 

I swapped out the ethernet cable with one that was working just fine.

Any thoughts?

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Control panel, network settings, properties 

I have two ethernet connections: one is for my router and the other is for an Intel Ethernet Server Adapter. When I click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and Properties for both, they are set up to obtain an IP Address automatically. The Intel Ethernet Server Adapter connection indicates that the network cable is unplugged. I know that the ethernet port on my PC is working because I connected my router directly into the ethernet port and had internet service. My normal configuration is to connect my router to my PC using an ethernet/USB connector (adaptor) so that I can use the ethernet port on my PC exclusively for my SP540i. I have already used a different ethernet cable that I know is working and that did not correct the problem. The SP540i is powered through a surge protector. Last item that I can tell you about is that the Subnet on PC is

if it has an ip address then it is static

have it get the IP automatic - 

once you are in the properties, look for the IPiv line - select that and properies and you should see the numbers there


I have attached two screen shots which show the Ethernet Properties and Internet Protocol Version 4 screens for the two ethernet connections that appear when I look at the network connections. Ethernet 5 is my router. Are either of these what you want me to examine?


One other thing worth noting. The status light on the SP540i ethernet connector is blinking green. The manual states that the indicator lights up green when the status is normal. What is not clear to me is whether "lights up green" means constant, blinking or both. 

Well there you go. No where do I remember you mentioning a router, that adds another layer to address. Your first capture is where you need to be, however now that you have a router in the mix - your computer is already dynamic since your router is assigning the IP. So my suggestion is to plug directly into the printer. If your issue is resolve, then that means you lost the router - a good thing. The router might either has conk out or experienced enough of a surge to reset it to default. You can have that reset, while you printing direct.

This has been the technology day from hell. I wasn't able to post most of the day because of an internet issue, which is still not fully resolved. However, I do have an update on the 'Not connected" issue that started this thread. In the middle of the afternoon it occurred to me that I hadn't tested the ethernet port on my PC because it had been working just fine earlier in the week. So, I connected my PC directly to my modem (no router in between) with an ethernet cable that I knew was working. No internet service. So I called Dell Pro Tech Support and they ran diagnostics and downloaded updated drivers. Mind you, my PC was put into service in January 2019 and I regularly run a Dell program to check for updates. After downloading the updates I saw the "Not connected" message in VersaWorks disappear and I was able to print my job. Irv and Lady Di, thank you for scratching your heads and I apologize for not checking the ethernet port.

Love those stories with happy endings! Just wish you didn’t have such a stressful day getting there.



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