I have seen this topic in other posts but no definitive answer as to why the printer "not connected" issue would appear when it wasn't there several days before.


The printer is a VersaCAMM SP-540i.

The software is Roland VersaWorks 6.0.1.

VersaWorks is installed on a Windows 10 PC.

VersaWorks indicates that the printer is not connected.

Two days ago, this was not an issue and I was able to print.

Nothing has changed since I was last able to print with the SP540i except for installing an updated graphics driver (Intel UHD Graphics 610/630 Series DC Driver). 

Steps taken:

I shut down and re-started the PC that is connected to the SP540i.

I shut down the SP-540i, turned off the power switch on the back, waited a few minutes, turned the power back on, and re-started the SP-540i. 

I checked and confirmed that the IP Address in VersaWorks matched what was on the SP540i (

The PC and the SP540i are connected directly with an ethernet cable.

I unplugged and then plugged in the ethernet cable from the PC and the SP540i. 

I swapped out the ethernet cable with one that was working just fine.

Any thoughts?

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Dennis, I have no business trying to answer you and I should just let Irv speak up......but when this used to happen to me back in Jersey, it was always modem/router. Not sure which. I just restarted them both and voilè. You can also disable/enable from right from the settings on the computer but sometimes it still never recognized the connection. Restarting that modem/router always did the trick.

good luck.

hope all is well


Lady Di,

Good to hear from you. I hope you are staying warm. It is going to be another cold night here in the northeast. 

I saw your recommendation in another post. Since my printer is connected directly to my PC and does not run through a modem or router, I did not consider rebooting either or both. However, it won't hurt anything to try; so, I will and let you know the outcome.



I don’t understand how all this works. Ask me about software and I may have an answer, hardware configuration, not so much.

My printer was and still is directly connected to the computer also.......but it didn’t make a difference. In my case, I had to restart that modem/router whenever I had connection issues.

Why? No clue.

It’s absolutely lovely down here, Dennis. So sweet of you to ask.

Warm wishes to you and Vicky.

Your suggestion was worth a try. So, last night I unplugged my modem and router, then re-connected both and shut down my PC. This morning, I started the SP540i and my PC and opened VersaWorks. Alas, VersaWorks still displays "not connected".

Dennis, not that I think it matters (you probably have some other issue in play)......but for what’s its worth, NEVER turn off the computer when restarting the modem/router. That negates the whole point of the process!

Mine used to go from not connected to connected right before my eyes.......of course you may need to wait 5 minutes or so for the restart to take effect.

Lady Di,

Thank you for the lesson and for sharing you experience. I learn something new every day. With my PC powered on, I unplugged the modem and the router, then reconnected the modem, and then the router. I have an internet connection, as evidenced by the fact that I can rely to your post.

I will keep an eye on the connection while I wait for Irv to digest what I just sent to him.


Good Day, lets switch to the MS Protocol

Use the following on the CAMM and in Works



good window to try b4 my world gets crazy

Thanks Irv. As soon as I finish breakfast I will give it a try.

Hopefully it is a short breakfast, so that I will be around

I entered the IP Address in the SP540i and changed the SubMask to After entering the IP Address in VersaWorks, I clicked on Verify and received the following "Device not found or status not acquired correctly from the device." Just because, I shut down the SP540i and restarted it, clicked on Verify in VersaWorks and got the same error message. :(

Is your port on static - change IP4 back to dynamic, if still does not work see below.

OK so did you hit the ethernet port on the CAMM.

If that did not work - when directly connected to the printer then the port is likely gone.

So I would check cable

Check computer, if you have another change to verify

Did you have a power surge

Where do I change the IP4 to dynamic?


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