A women's gynecological cancer foundation that we have assisted in the past, is looking to get flip-flops printed with one of their designs (see attachment). The foundation asked if we knew anyone who could help them. Do any of you know of a reliable source for printed flip-flops?

The foundation offers support for women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and also tirelessly provides information about ovarian cancer to anyone who will listen. http://theellacrisfoundation.org/

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Did they give you a quantity they were looking for? I sublimate those, but even the blanks are costly!

Exactly what Irv said, before I sold my sublimation printer a few months ago, I used to do quite a few.....the problem is the blanks aren’t cheap. But if you don’t need to do boatloads, Dennis, it may be a viable alternate. Finding someone to print the transfers and you can just press them yourself.

I cant find a better picture right now, but trust me, the sublimated flip flops come out great, nice and vibrant


hope all is well!

Great Idea, Di - If you want to source the flops, I can sell you the transfers or there is of course some other distributor out there and you have the press.

thanks Irv, I’ll remember that offer and won’t hesitate to take you up on it in the future. I turned down a mug order the other day but mainly because of the shipping issues. Flip-flops, lighter weight and unbreakable stuff would be a totally different story. 


Di - It seems like ages. All is well with Vicki and me. How are you?

I really like the look of your sublimated  flip-flops. How come you sold the printer?

Our client is looking for 150 pairs of flip-flops. That is more than Vicki and I want to do ourselves. We would prefer to have someone else do the job and then provide the flip-flops to our client for what it cost us. Vicki and I don't typically provide products to clients at our cost. However, this client and her foundation are very special to us.


lol lol good decision, the pressing probably wouldn’t be a deal breaker but getting those straps pushed into the 450 holes is something you might want to avoid at all costs. They even sell a ‘special’ tool, to make the nightmare a little more palatable. Not fun.

I moved. Sold a bunch of stuff, my embroidery machines along with all the supplies I managed to hoard over the decades and my sublimation printer.

Irv made 100% sure my VERSACAMM enjoyed being relocated and that along with my flatbed cutter, laminator and heat press are all I really took with me to the fun-to-be-in-the-sun state of Florida!

I’ll always be a Jersey Girl but boy, oh boy, do I love this place!

Give my best to Vicki, my friend. I so miss you two


Where in FL?  Lets go MK!!


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