printed dimensions not mathcing the size in the file??? - Versaworks issue?

I print sign vinyl, dry overnight, laminate, mount to magnet, and then custom laser cut....

Lately we are having trouble getting it to cut correctly.  I have found 2 sources of the problem.  First the print is shrinking if it sits too long.  I am looking into material that will not shrink....


Second when I print a 10 in square it comes out at more like 9.9?! 


There has to be a setting in versaworks that is causing this problem.  Or at least I hope so.  I had a cutting problem a couple of months ago and fixed that with an .eps margin setting....but this one has me stumped.


I had to wipe out versaworks and install a new version a couple of months ago and I have fought it ever since to get it back to working order.

Any idea why when I output a vector shape that is say 6 inches it prints slighly smaller?  I run corel 14 and export out to an .eps.  then import into versaworks.  I obvisouly need a shape to be the exact size as in my file to match up when I go to cut on my laser.


I guess I should call roland tech support but you guys seem to be better!  Any help would be much apprecaited!





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Hey Brent we are better, Roland Techs only joking - hope to see you at class soon. - your answer - EPS margins if you do not use you will find that some of your cuts will not be there - image boundary takes precedence over cutlines. So you bumped it out say (0.10) that would be our recommendation. You want an image to be 6"x4" - so you would need to set the size in VW to be 6.2x4.2 to accommodate for the EPS bump. This should fix that problem - as for the shrinkage - eco solvent ink will make media mushy - if allow to dry it will tend to gain back it ridgity - the cost to some media is shrinkage - you will have to test what you use and adjust acccordingly - no algorithm for it.

I actually called roland and that is what they said as well so you are on it!

They said to try a .ps file so I do not have to mess with the margin.  However, corel 14 does not appear to export as a ps.  Then mentioned something about "printing to a .ps."  Do you know what that means?  I might call them back.  I tried an .ai but versaworks would not read it.


What file type do you use?  I have used eps for years but never noticed this problem until I had to presicion cut with laser later.





You can bring PDF, eps, tiff, jpeg and prt files into Versaworks. I just keep in mind what the margin setting is and add it to my measurements and they are spot on every time. You can also have the graphic at the correct size prior to bringing into Versaworks and do o resizing there and it will print correct size.

I will give it a shot as a .pdf...actually since this is not cut on roland perhaps I could just put margin at 0 for this type of project and not have to worry about it....

Thanks VERY much!

Remember that the margin is applied as the file is brought into Versaworks and cannot be adjusted once it is in there. Don't forget to set it back if you do change it or other files will be clipped!

I am on it..thanks...still not sure why versaworks needs this margin.  I hope they are working on a solution.  I guess to use pdf is the soltuion.  I published to pdf out of corel and we are test printing right now!



The margin is for eps files that can get the edges clipped in the export process from the design programs. If the cutline is at the edge, it can be clipped and Versaworks will ot see the entire line.

Been there...............

When that happens to me and I'm too lazy to back out and export/import another file, I check the box that says, Cut Image Boundaries in VW

That usually takes care of the small missing cuts on the image perimeter.

It's a Band-aid, I know............but it works.






Clever girl!

Im having this big issue with PDF Files do you have an idea why? I have the Margin set to 0 when i publish to PDF on Coreldraw. The file is 366.368 mm x 328.058 mm and it comes out to 366.53 x 328.08 on Versaworks , this has me losing my mind because im making Gaming console skins and they need to be precise. Do you have an idea of what can be affecting the size? On versaworks the Eps Margin is set to 0 but it should not affect PDF files.

deference in size could be that corel measures from centre of a vector line to centre of the other line. if it has a pen width on it corel does not report the total width but when exported as a eps the total width includes the pen width amount.

when i do really critical sized jobs i will enclose the art within a hairline box and not rely on page sizes etc. then this can be exported to different software and kept in a known position and size, the corner of the box becomes 0,0


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