Looking for a chrome vinyl that I can print on with my  Sp540i.

I requested a sample of VinylEfx Smooth Silver vinyl from the Rtape website and I get 2 little 4"x6" samples of the Rainbow Bright vinyl from Nekoosa Coated Products in WI.

So I didn't get what I wanted, and are you kidding me, 4"x6" samples? Dammit I have a 54" Roland vinyl printer and there is no way I can print on that little sample.
I know dang well they could send a yard of that vinyl.
Other suggestions?

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Yes tape it to a larger piece of media and you can print a small sample.

I also got some silver and gold media from glantz out of PA but traveling now do not have the exact sight - expensive but works extremely well.

I suppose I could tape it to a larger sheet. However the sample they have me has a rainbow effect. And it not a real smooth finish like some of the regular chrome vinyl I cut.

I’ve used the VinylEfx successfully after looking hard and long for a suitable shiny metallic. Lots of failed attempts with stuff from other places.

Very pricey. I have several rolls here but they’re only about 15” wide, I think. I’ve only used them for DJ labels and wine bottles so I was able to use the less expensive rolls. 

The place I was referring to was Grimco


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