im new using vs 300i..(without white/metallic cataridge)..
how i want print white color on clear/transparent sticker? is it possible or i need that white ink?can u guys give me suggestion? it seem i cant get that white other doesnt print anything

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You will not get there with your VS300i unless you have white cartridge. How was it set up - dual cmyk or 7color. You will have to layer the white with white vinyl.

7 color...ohh i really need white catridge...ok tq

Yes when the Tech was there to set it up and he said are you sure this is how you want it, you had one last chance to change your mind. You could have had it set up with white and used the cleaning cartridge instead of the white until you actually needed it. VW will never see that channel for white since the VC is now hardwired for 7C.

Once on White can you go back to seven color or does it matter?

If you chose white you cannot go to white. 

Roland does have a procedure, they do not certify it (it works, but voids the warranty) requires the MB to be reprogrammed and the ink lines to be changed out. If you have white then use a cleaning cartridge until you need the white.


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