Firstly thank you for accepting me in your forum.

Secondly,  Please could you advise on the perfect print setting . I have a Roland bn20 which prints perfectly on normal print and cut vinyls but terrible on Sign vynil ( XP2317 ) the print just looks smudgy in places . I have used various settings and print speed to no avail.

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If it is eco solvent glossy vinyl, they try GCVP or General Vinyl 2 or 3

Thank you. I will try this and will update.

Once again 

Thank you

Welcome, they are generic Roland so get them from their site. 

More importantly - in VW use the default media setting. 

Unfortunately, the BN20 offers the least amount of adjustments.

Hi All.

Well everyone will start laughing at me but here it is. Since I have used Gloves to handle media I have not had any issues whatsoever regarding sign printing. It all started a few weeks ago when I started wearing gloves due to the current Covid pandemic. 

I will accept all jokes and crazy comments with a grin.

Hope you are all safe and well. 


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