I am trying to print a stripe but all my colors are printing dull.  I've cleaned the machine, tried different profiles and different materials.  I've tried max density and max impact and high quaility print with no luck.  They all look about the same like the print is fuzzy.  I've attached a picture of the print from the printer on the left and on the right is what I am trying to achive.  I have a vp-540i

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Will need to see a nozel check print but think a problem with yellow alignment 

I think it is a matter of using CMYK instead of RGB

saw the print, gritty - which media, which profile

In the picture which is one of the best looking prints we've done, I tried it on 3m controltac graphic film IJ180cV3 and used the premium wrap vinyl profile on high quailty

Try it with GCVP

ensure all of your printer settings are on Default Media (3 areas)

You never mentioned your Color Palette

The color palette is RGB.

Hi Trevor,

Clearly your yellow head is badly misaligned. Also it looks as if the good print is on a cast glossy vinyl, and the one you are unhappy with looks like a calendared matte film.

With your heads so far out of alignment, it would be difficult to offer any other advice.


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