Hello.  I have a VS 640 and have had it for just over 3 years.  It has printed beautifully for me for that length of time, however, starting yesterday, I've been having print problems.

I printed a test print and the test print looked beautiful...however it was missing an entire row of magenta.  My machine is pretty clean and I usually stay on top of cleaning it.  I performed a normal clean, and there was no change in the test print.

I then did a maintenance cleaning, and cleaned the print head, still no change in the test print.  I did a powerful clean to see if it would help, and after that, one of the cyan columns all but disappeared, too, with the black having a lot of drop outs in it also.

Is this a print head problem?  About two weeks ago, I had a head strike, but it finished the job and completed other jobs with no issues. 

I've attached a picture of my test prints. 

Any help here would be appreciated. 



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Yes those drops will recover over time. The new top will apply the appropriate pressure to clear them. You should be able to print normal - if you happen to see some banding - then for a few jobs do high quality instead of wasting ink on cleanings. 

As for the ledge - a very comfortable position for me - so I usually talk folks down so I can be by myself. Happy Camming!

Remember to throw out the other two captops and to keep a spare - some thing you just can't recover.

Yep, the other two are in the trash already.  Thanks for your time and patience, I appreciate it.


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