Hello.  I have a VS 640 and have had it for just over 3 years.  It has printed beautifully for me for that length of time, however, starting yesterday, I've been having print problems.

I printed a test print and the test print looked beautiful...however it was missing an entire row of magenta.  My machine is pretty clean and I usually stay on top of cleaning it.  I performed a normal clean, and there was no change in the test print.

I then did a maintenance cleaning, and cleaned the print head, still no change in the test print.  I did a powerful clean to see if it would help, and after that, one of the cyan columns all but disappeared, too, with the black having a lot of drop outs in it also.

Is this a print head problem?  About two weeks ago, I had a head strike, but it finished the job and completed other jobs with no issues. 

I've attached a picture of my test prints. 

Any help here would be appreciated. 



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Here's the latest test print.




Did you take care of the clog? The clogged lined cause possibly some drying up of ink in the nozzles. Ensure you have ink coming into the top filling the dampers. Do a choke cleaning? Do not have my manual handy - go to menu - maintenance and look for it under there. - you will need the allen wrench and it goes in on the other side near the ink cartridges. That will pull the ink and remove air in the lines if any. Do 2 normal cleanings and then another nozzle test. We may need to close off the hose under the captop and fill the cap with fluid and seat the head to attack it from the bottom also. My only caution is to be careful not to have ink get on any of the cables.

Yes, I believe I handled the clog, as both lines are clear.   When I put drops of cleaning fluid in the cap top, it does puddle up, and doesn't seem to drain, but when I do the test print and such, and the pump runs, I see it pulling the ink through both lines.  The new lines I have here now are clear and not black like the original ones so I can see the ink travelling, which would tell me there is no clogging.

I will look for the choke cleaning you mentioned in  my manual.  I haven't done that yet.  What cables are you referring to that shouldn't get any ink on them?



I don't show a choke cleaning in my menu.  I do see a PERIODIC CL. in my SUB MENU,  but I'm unsure what that means, and the manual doesn't address it.  It only shows up in the Menu List.  Could this be the choke cleaning you're referring to?

Also, FYI, it looks like all the lines coming into the print head itself from the top are full of ink.  None look like they have any air in them or anything. 

This is what I'm starting to get now on the magenta.  I ran a large square of 100% magenta to see if it wouldn't force the ink though.  I'm starting to get more nozzles firing, so I'm going to run another couple of larger squares to see if they can't come back.  Thoughts?

Ran some two more large squares, and no change in the test print.  Still looks like the picture above.  I don't understand why the test prints for both the magenta and cyan come and go.  Sometimes their both pretty full and other times they are pretty sparse.

You are doing everything right! If the colors had continued not to show up, I would have said it was a bad damper. Your nozzles are starting to fire so it points to clogging. Clogging is generally a result of air or lack of movement. Those two are usually a result of captop. So here we are again to the captop. 

Push down on the captop and ensure it is springy. The center spring and the little retainer spring should be in place and the captop should be moving up and down freely. 

I was referring to all cables about the ink. It is ok for the fluid not to drain. Draining is only immediate when the pump is not pressing on the lines. I will return shortly with more into - checking some thing is the manual.

Do you have your manual? If not you can download it from this site. Look at page 81 - all the cautions are there - do the ink renewal before you do any more of the large test strips.

The choke cleaning might not be available for your machine. I am not near a VS machine to check. Look under sub menu - ink control. 

there is a section in your manual when powerful cleaning does not help. There is also an area how to clean the head surface. All the necessary warning and concerns I have are printed there.

OK, thank you.  I will check all that out again in the manual.  I saw the ink renewal procedure and was a little concerned as it looks like it pulls a lot of ink through.  Hoping I don't run out of ink in the process.

I have one other thing to check.  I have a brand new cap top on the UPS truck today for delivery.  Once I get that brand new one, I will replace it again and try one more time.  If no change, I'll run the ink renewal. 

I'll post up here to let you know the results. 

Thanks again.

Wait for the renewal - The test results are indicating the captop has failed. Once you get the new one, then change - do a normal cleaning, and then a test. If they do not recover then we can go to the next step. 

As for wasting a lot of ink. No more than all of those large blocks. Ink is a lot cheaper than a new head. ijs

I will be around in and out.

OK, will do.  I'll let you know.  Thanks for the help.

Here's my new test print.  :)

No sooner than I replied back on here, UPS showed up with the new captop.  I installed it, and did a normal clean 4 times.  I'm very happy, and can't thank you enough!  I've never had a problem with the printer before and didn't know where to turn.  You talked me off the ledge and I appreciate it.

I still have a couple of drop outs, but they've been there for a while.  This will definitely give me good prints.



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