Hello.  I have a VS 640 and have had it for just over 3 years.  It has printed beautifully for me for that length of time, however, starting yesterday, I've been having print problems.

I printed a test print and the test print looked beautiful...however it was missing an entire row of magenta.  My machine is pretty clean and I usually stay on top of cleaning it.  I performed a normal clean, and there was no change in the test print.

I then did a maintenance cleaning, and cleaned the print head, still no change in the test print.  I did a powerful clean to see if it would help, and after that, one of the cyan columns all but disappeared, too, with the black having a lot of drop outs in it also.

Is this a print head problem?  About two weeks ago, I had a head strike, but it finished the job and completed other jobs with no issues. 

I've attached a picture of my test prints. 

Any help here would be appreciated. 



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Take a picture of the last test print - A closer view.

When was the last time you changed your captop? What configuration are you using - looks like dual CMYK? Your head strike is not the cause - if you damaged your head you would see it across the test print.

Hi Irving:

Here's the first one and the last one. 

Yes, I'm set up as dual CMYK, and I've never changed the captop.  How would changing this out help this issue?

Thank you for the reply and the help.


Captops are rated for 6 months. With additional captop maintenance and dual CMYK you can get longer between swaps. With white and metallic, crossing fingers will get you the 6 months. Captops are like your arteries. They supply the printhead with ink. If it becomes clogged, you get your symptoms. Symptoms are dropouts, missing channels, banding and the likes. Pour some roland cleaning fluid in your top and there is a chance you can recover the top temporarily. If malfunctioning too long there is a chance the ink dried in the channels, thus requiring you to clamp lines under the top, fill with fluid, and then seating the head and letting it soak. That usually clears the lines.

/\ good advice /\

6 Months? I didn't know that. Where have I been?

I didn't know that either.  I'll probably get another one in about 6 months' time and keep it ready for changing out.

Thank you very much, Irving, for your help on this.  We've ordered a captop, and in the mean time, I've put some cleaning solution in the captop that's in there now. 

I appreciate the help and time it took for you to reply to my thread.  A million thanks!


OK, so my captop will get here today.  I've been trying to clean the old one and put cleaning fluid in it.  It almost looked like it was going to come back, and the magenta started to come through with numerous nozzles firing.  Then we cleaned it again, and the magenta dropped back out, with only a couple of nozzles showing in the test print.

I hope the captop comes with some directions for installation, does it?  If not, how does the old one come out and the new one go in?



here is a document for changing out a captop on one of the older models. The basics are the same for the VS model.


Thank you for this, Steven. 

OK, so once I get the new cap top on, is there a procedure I need to follow in order to restore the print from the head?  Will printing restore automatically after a cleaning?

Please let me know so I can do this once and have it ready for Monday.

Thank you!


OK, so I removed the cap top and noticed that one of the lines below the cap top was plugged.  I got another cap top, installed it, and did some cleanings.  Did a test print and it's still not printing the magenta on one side.

The cyan on the left has come back considerably and the black is nearly perfect.  I just can't get this magenta to come through.  The lines are all nice and clear and when the pump runs you can see the ink coming through the two lines. 

Any help here on getting the magenta to fire would be appreciated.  I really need to get this thing up and running by Monday.  Would it help for me to print an image with lots of red?  Would doing that help clear up the issue?

Thanks in advance.



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