Hi all,

I've recently been encountering a weird print distortion.  I review the forum fairly regularly, and have seen a good number of distortions, but I've never seen this one before.  I've gone through the regular fix-it items like clean print heads, bidirectional alignment, cleaned encoder strip, etc.  I'm hoping the collective wisdom and expertise in the forum can help me figure this one out:

I've inserted smaller images in the post, however the full-size images are attached.  

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;Where is the distortion? We do not know what we supposed to be seeing! So are the wavy lines in the white the distortion, if so what color is that supposed to be?

My bad, here are some annotations.


Ok those wavy lines in the white!

Look at your letters and borders, no distortion, So

in that area you are picking up a pattern - what color is it supposed to be? If it is supposed to be white, then leave it blank. If you put in a white fill, your printer did it best to make the white on a non white printer - that pattern is consistent - so it is in your design, whether you see it or not - the machine sees it.


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