I sent a DVP job to Versa Works through Corel. Every thing looks fine in the print preview and in setting, but when it prints this is what I get.

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Are you selecting the correct font and size. Select the autofit if your issue is sizing. If not explain what your issue is. The preview is not good to go by unfortunately. it will only put you in the ballpark.

If you look, the corners should be rounded on all sides. The preview shows the rounded corners and the font inside the box. If you look at the sample print out, it only printed a portion of the box.

Dan - can you post the file (eps) that you used for the VDP? It will help if we can take a look at that

Or the corel file would work as well.

There is no eps or pdf file sense I am sending the job directly to Versa Works, Here is the Corel file and txt file.


Dan - it looks like you are using the Print Merge feature via corel and not a true VDP job. Since Corel is controlling the data and how it gets placed, your graphic can get quite messed up as you have it. 

Here is a link on how to use the VDP feature in Versaworks: http://myversacamm.com/video/vdp-demomp4

I have modified your file and set it up for VDP - saved as an EPS that you can import into Versaworks. There is also the CSV file you will need with the data to fill in the areas.

Let me know if this helps.


Remember, I still can't use that feature in Versa Works.

Oh........ sorry.

I know I sent it up but have you ever tried calling the Roland tech line and having them look at it? There has got to be a way to get it corrected. 

Yes I have, the same thing happens with them. If they or you take control of my computer, I get the import feature. I do have Logmein setup on my computer, and if I take control of it through my Ipad, I can make it work. I like Corel's way, so I thought I would use it.


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