In VersaWorks, the Operation Mode options are:Print & Cut, Print Only and Cut Only. Cutting first and then printing is the recommended sequence for Opaque Solutions to provide a cleaner cut. I've noticed that with Spectra Insta Print, letters and shapes that have no fill color cut more cleanly than those with ink in the same design. So, here is the incredibly stupid question of the day. Why isn't there an option in VersaWorks for Cut & Print?

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Sounds like a perfectly reasonable question to me, my friend!

And while they're at it, let's request they do something to harness that 'Nest' feature as well.

Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to corral a bunch of toddlers running around the backyard in all directions!

lol lol lol

Hope all is well with you and Vicki....see you in a few months :)

Lady Di

Always a pleasure to hear from you. I like your suggestion.

You are thinking about attending ISS Atlantic City in 2017?


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