Hi there, 

A customer received an artwork to print. 4panels of 750mm by 2758mm. With full background. 

The file is 

:- ai

:- RGB  R223 G204 B178  

On his VS-640 6 color in Eco Max using Versaworks 5.5.0 ver

Standard - Head Speed 760 Bi-dir

Trying Pre-Press US - Sign & Display - MAX Impact 

Media Orajet 3614C

The output is far from what is expected.

 When converting the file to CMYK the color differs again. Save as PDF no good - Save as .eps no good. 

After trial and error for more than an hour, eureka.. 

  • These settings give the desired color. 
    The file is a poster of 750mm x 2758mm x 4 panels

  • As soon as a print is launch after 625mm the color at 625mm is not the same as at the start. the color is not constant at all. 
    Test nozzle is good. 
  • Why the color is not constant? 
  • Another print was launched in A1 the color is good. 

 Please help.. 



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File type - Raster or Vector

How old is the captop?

Hi Irving, 

 the captop is 1week old. 
File type is Vector.

Now I've notice something while observing the Nozzle Test. 
The Vs640 is running in 6 colors right. 

I've noticed that the Cyan colors C1 & C2 are not of the same color, 

C1 is Cyan

C2 is likely to be a blue color (dark cyan), tomorrow morning I will intervene and see whether the cyan cartridge are different. 
Could this be an ink contamination issue? 

Not sure the dampers are the cause.



On Vector prints, I am using Max Impact - color management - I use Perceptual for raster but Colormetric for the Vector portion

The diagrams actually are not helpful for me and do not allow me to zoom in on them. A nozzle test of a single test would help

Are you saying of the possible configurations of the VS machine - yours is setup as 6 color?

Usually when colors are fading at the end, it is because the captop cannot keep up with the dampers. If new captop, ensure the flushing adjustment is spot on, allowing for good suction. Do not feel it is a contamination issue. Are they OEM or 3rd party dampers and if OEM are they white or black.

Max impact Colorimetric noted. 

Sending you another pic..  

Using OEM white dampers (black O-ring)

I shall re-check the flushing adjustment again then. Set to Zero.



You are not getting full nozzle output. That in itself can give you color variation. A 48 hour head soak might help, Sometimes it is a matter of replacing the head.


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