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How can I contour and perforate cut vinyl stickers on my GS-24 after printing from the Roland BN-20 via Versa-works.

I print vinyl stickers with my Roland BN-20, laminate them,  then contour & perforate cut them to shape with no issues when done within the BN-20.

I recently purchased a Roland GS-24, but it will not allow me to adjust the perforated cut settings in versa works and sets my regular contour cut settings as my perforated cut settings.

My designs are vector EPS files created in Illustrator with a contour and perforated cut line.

Thank you!,

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Looks like no one is willing to share this secret. As i have looked and looked and tried all i can with ZERO luck. Look you posted this on 2019 and no response. Figures huh? Thus Roland has failed miserably in providing any guidance on this at all even though they state the BN-20 can do this.

Well I am glad you searched the site for an issue, but sorry you want to take a swipe on this site for not seeing a solution. If you want to take a swipe then maybe you should post it on the Roland site and not this one.

I am sure I posted before that to do what you want is really a simple process for anyone who want to do the least of research. Have a BN20 or any printer - have it connected to VW

Have a Roland Cutter - Load that to VW - A graptec cutter will work but not with this procedure - it will read registration marks

Rip & Print only your file through VW with registration marks 

*** Any file ripped in VW can now be dragged into the Cutter in VW **

Drag the file into the cutter area and set up the cut or the cut and perf options and then Cut Only

No one is taking a swipe on the site. As it has a ton of good info. The issue is Roland. Then not owning up to providing enough info for a lot of things and pawning off the problems to third parties.

I can get my machine to print and cut, just cannot get it to print from FLEXI. The perf cut feature would be nice, but i already own a seperate cutter. My process is simple. Print, laminate, then cut. Thus why i went with FLEXI. Yet even though flexi says it supports the BN-20, for the life of me i cannot get it to print from flexi.

Any how, just so we clear, i had not meant this to take a swipe at the site. Just funny how i am not the only one wanting to know how to do this the right way without breaking something expensive.

Then your issue is with Flexi or Roland, not MyVersaCAMM! Since I freely answer 99.9% of the questions and have been for many years - it seemed like a misdirected swipe. Usually folks have issues, join this site, get an answer, never contribute and just hover. I seen your flexi post, but I do not use flexi and I do not put out misinformation. What you are asking I can easily do with all Roland products without introducing flexi. Another issue is that the BN20 is not the best printer around and is as slow as molasses. Understandable why you would want to use a separate cutter. So your issue is with Flexi, for if you are using Roland - I posted how to do it. The only way the procedure works is for it to be RIPped in VW and both printer and cutter recognized by VW so that it can be dragged between the two. You cannot even send to the cutter first, all jobs must be sent to the printer and ripped. So see if Flexi has an equivalent where you can have both printer and cutter registered in it - and if it will do the precut function.

Yes, i agree that most people leave after they get a solution. I tend to normally stick around and learn and help if i can.

I just got off one of the longest support calls with flexi. They took down all the information, drivers, firmware and all. It was a 5 hour long battle with the software. They are getting their engineers to look into it and should be getting back to me in a day or two so they say.

If i get some sort of solution, rest assure that i will 100% contribute it to here.

They did offer me a temporary work around which is how you mentioned by sending it to VW, then going back into flexi to send the cut job. It works like that indeed very well too.

Yeah the BN-20 is not the ideal printer to get i totally agree, how ever it is what my budget could do without going out and getting into debt with a new printer. It is paid for and so is my cutter. So in that regards i am debt free of those payments. My plan is to make enough to pay cash for the upgrade.

At least that's the plan.

TY for the the info too..

All sound good, all the best. You will see that it will be a career of work arounds to make it all work for you. Great patience with the 5 hour call, I hope they have a solution for you.


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