I wanted to know if im just cutting out vinyl decals(cutting and weeding)  as oppose to print and cut logos. what would be the difference in price charging.. curious to know what and how everyone charges for cutting and weeding decals from simple to complex... Thanks 

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tall question

find required font, design layout time.

probably copy digitize logo from poor jpg  time

quality of vinyl cost and is it from your stock or buy in.

amount of vinyl used inc wastage.

cutting time

weeding time + tape costs 

what you want need to make from it

on the other hand if you want to fix some prices then lay a deal out.

a choice of say 5 fonts

a choice of colours from your normal stock only

set different prices for different (X) height letters say 1 in 2 in 4 in 6 in etc

lay the words - letters out to suit the vinyl area, they are buying letters not a laid out sign

set a minimum charge.

anything else is bespoke pricing.


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