In the coming weeks or months I will be moving to another state. I'll be taking all of the business equipment in one trip - including my Roland BN-20.

I can make the drive in about 16-20 hours. I don't even mind stopping halfway through to plug in the machine and let it do a self-cleaning cycle or stopping at a hotel for the night. In that scenario. I cut my unplugged time to about 2 legs of 9 hours each.

Is it safe to leave it unplugged for 20 hours?

What, if any, moving prep should I do on the unit?

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Best to unink it - Pump-Up and then do a fill when you get where you going. If ink spills inside you will ruin your machine. Being unplugged for 20 hours is not an issue - unrestrained ink is.

Is uninking something I should do, or should I hire a tech to prepare the machine for me? I just emptied out the waste bin, so hopefully that will stay low and less likely to create a mess.

You could handle it - go into the utility menu

Which option is it - pump ink?


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