I may have a bad Roland cyan head or could it possible be the dampers?

I have a VP540 when I do a test print it misfires nozzles a little in magenta and yellow but it moves around in cyan black is good.  Cyan usually misses a whole column or just prints a little even after a cleaning cyan looks the worse.  We tried using a syringe and pulling ink thru the top where ther heads come to a y and at the bottom where the cap tops are.  We just replaced the cap tops hoping this would fix the issue but it is only getting worst.  Cyan intermittently prints.  Some prints come out fine, others come out somewhat altered in color and recently we tried to print blue but it is printing pink...no cyan at all.  

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Here are my test prints.


Ok the bad news first - you need 3 new heads:Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan You had a violent head strike when the system was moving to the left. You can see the continuous line where the nozzles were knocked out and the nozzles pushed to the right. It also might be what knocked out one of the dampers on the cyan head. Your manifold may be cracked, but you are getting air into the rear half of your cyan head. The heads on a vp carries 2 dampers of dedicated ink and you are mostly missing one indicating it is a damper issue. Most printers use more black than any other colors and the fact that your black is firing almost perfect and so are the unaffected nozzles you have very little hours on the machine.

If you want to chase those nozzles and try to save the heads, then You should replace the captops (you did), You should check the dampers, manifold on the cyan head. Once that is all done, you will continue to have the missing nozzles. Because they are continuous both vertically and horizontally you will get banding in your prints. You maybe able to  minimize it by printing in high quality.

Lastly the pump will go to pull ink into the heads, if a color is missing it will pull what is available and you will see your color shifting

How do we change the dampers or check the manifold?

I have a service manual but don't see anything about replacing the dampers.

Should the dmapers be full or half way full? all the dampers are full except cyan

We've had the machine about 5 years, replaced the black head less than a year ago and you can see the heads are in rough shape but the print quality was still good, other than banding in the cyan, until recently

Because you have air or an airlock - that damper is your issue. so either the headstrike knocked it where it cracked your manifold or cause your air issue. The issue is because the age of the machine, the damper may be sealed to the manifold nipple, although careful you usually end up cracking it if it is not cracked already. That damper is controlling the missing channel in your print. Since you did your homework you know we cannot discuss that level of maintenance on this site. Now that you know the issue, you can check else where for a solution to your immediate problem. I can assure you the damper replacement is in that manual. However, if you go forward try not to spill ink on the printhead board or any cables for they will fail and break the head. Go forth carefully.

I am having the same issue with my cyan.  I replaced the head about 1.5 years ago and the damper.  It is just cyan that is causing us an issue at this point.  I changed the cap top just 6 months ago and just put a new one in and it is still missing nozzles and printing irregular.  Could be a damper again but it appears to look fine.  I'm thinking somehow it keeps getting air in the line.  Any ideas? should I replace the damper again?



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