Hi there!

We have a VP-300 main board go bad, so we replaced it and I am trying to run the reinitialize limits. I lock the carriage (making sure it's locked), start the process, slide the cutter all the way left, hit "enter", the cutter moves right, gets to the end, does it's wiggle but then I get:

"Position Invalid Out of Range"

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm new here and not 100% on the lingo so be gentle.

a note: we have a vp-300 but when I boot up it says VP-540 on the LCD, not sure if that matters.

Thanks a bunch!!

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Yes it matters since the range of one is not the same as the other. You cannot just replace a board cold. It takes about 2 hours to set up a mainboard and there are dip switches that need to be set. A tech would pull the parameters off the old board and place them on the new board to save time on 75% of the job. My recommendation is for a tech to do the replacement.

Thanks for the reply, our board was dead so we were unable to save the parameters from the original. I did manage to fix the error by setting it up as a vp-300 in the menu. I got past the limits part, had more errors and got through those...

So the latest error required me to do a Linear Encoder Setup, and a Linear Calibration. The steps require that the rollers be down, and the setup and calibration go through fine. I put the rollers back up and then restart the machine but now I get a "Sheet Set Error Set Again" come up after I turn it on. There is no media in it and the rollers are up, but maybe it thinks they are down? Is there a new parameter I need to set for this?

Thanks again!


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