Just bought a Roland SP-300V. I am an educator. We are looking to start a student-led business witch custom decals and t-shirts for our school.

I have very little background in Adobe Illustrator, but am watching tutorials and learning the best I can. I am getting high quality prints with our machine, but can't get it to print AND CUT.

I have a Mac that I use Illustrator on. My workflow consist of using Illustrator on my Mac. Thumb driving my file. Transfer the file to the PC that came with my printer/cutter. Insert file to VersaWorks to print/cut the file.

QUESTION #1: Is there a plugin that allows me to print and cut directly from Illustrator?

I have watched a ton of tutorials on YouTube on how to create cut lines. I uploaded the VeraWorks Swatches (CutContour) into my Illustrator on my Mac. I follow the tutorials and get the nice magenta CutContour line around my object. When I get it to VersaWorks, I am not seeing the little blue "A" indicating cut lines. I have tried SOOOO many things.

QUESTION #2: What am I doing wrong that my cutlines aren't registering in VersaWorks?

QUESTION #3: What is the best file type to use with the VersaCAMM? The manual says PostScript, EPS, PDF, TIFF, and JPEG. What is the BEST?

Please give me any other pointers that you might deem necessary. I am struggling here.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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unfortunately quite large questions with loads of variables.

eps is the favored type as can carry bit map and vector info. jpg and tiff files can not carry the cut path vector info but print well.

so try eps with convert spot colours turned off if the file prints and prints the cutpath line then its a conversion problem or name of cutpath.as VW recognizes the cutpath name only (could be any colour) to not print the path but cut it.

there are a whole load of other reasons but to get you started, other  people that understand illustrator I don't  may wish to chime in.

I have been using EPS files so far, so that seems ok.

Thanks for your insight. I really appreciate it!!!

I have tried multiple things to get the cutpath to be recognized. Most times, it does not print, and, obviously, doesn't cut. There has been a time or two that it does show up on my print.

How do you turn off "Convert Spot Colours"?

Picking up from Chris - 9 out of 10 times you are using the cutcontour color as a fill - it must be and OUTLINE in illustrator. The color is not important, but the naming is exactly like this - CutContour and must be a spot color. You can print the raster file types but no cutting. EPS and PDF will cut  with vector and cutline or raster and cutline - but cutline must be vector spot color with CutContour. There are videos above also - your workflow is correct. Although you need a pc, you can drop your file file from a MAC into a hot folder on a PC if you research that. Also you can send a postscript file, but those are light years ahead of just starting.

I suggest keep going the way you are and keep asking specifics questions for yours are two open and will take hours to explain. We all started somewhere, so just keep asking and keep starting new post but read the old ones, also.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I will look into these changes and see if I can get it to work!

If all settings are correct in AI and VW close VW. When program closes right click on VW and run as administrator.

I will give it a look. Thanks for responding!!!!


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