Please help!!! My BN 20 is dripping ink on my prints and media clamp!!!

Yesterday my BN-20 started dropping ink drops all over the place. I have attached pictures. Also, my media keeps moving to the left during printing. It shifts a good .5” and buckled up against the pinch lever.
Its fairly new. Bought new in September 2017. Just started using it daily over the last couple of weeks.
Ive been running it 3-4 hours a day. I did 3 manual cleanings yesterday, replaced felt and rubber wipers, did a powerful cleaning. It will work fine for a few prints, then starts spitting ink again.
Any advice is appreciated. I have a technician that’s supposed to call me back today but I have orders needing to be printed and can’t wait weeks to get this fixed!!!

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Not sure of your ink configuration since you did not post it, but that top does not look good

Your issue looks like improper drainage, so the built up ink is being carried onto the media clamps and media.

So if the prints are good in the beginning and then the dripping happens - slow draining captop is one possible cause.

Another could be a failing damper or bad head. I had this on a machine and changing the dampers corrected the issue. 

If you could remove the lower metallic cover you can check the lines coming from under the top going back to the pump to ensure they are clear. 

However, if the machine is under warranty, then I suggest you print 2 at a time and wait several minutes and go again, until your tech can get to you.


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