Here we go again....seems like I have run across this issue before but since it resolved itself I have no clue the cause.  Printing what should be a dark gray check plate pattern(have printed 90% of this wrap) and after changing the magenta printhead I now am getting a lighter gray with a pink cast.

Lines look air bubbles I can see. Dampers are full.

Nozzle check looks ok

Any suggestions as to a cause or fix?


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You did not post what you see so how do we know what we are trying to solve? and your black will give you overspray and misrep issues due to those wonky nozzles - may go unnoticed but they are there

I tried to get a pic of the color shift but it didn't show up to well(see attached). I'm thinking I might as well replace the other heads.


Maybe just the black and cyan, but I have seen worst go a lot longer. I do think looking at the center I see a slight waviness. So after replacing the heads - did you do the head adjustment - bias, horizontal, etc - check those - them being slightly off can cause your color shift

I give! Spent several hours making adjustments, running test prints and nozzle checks and still have the same results.

Maddening thing is every nozzle check with the black and cyan is different.....this was the last before it was time to walk away. It was taken on the machine so looks a little catty-wampus. All have some sort of drop out though.

Set up a test print of color blocks 100% black, mag, cyan and yellow and a few grays. The darker gray seems to have the pink cast but the lighter does not.

No matter what I do I'm still getting this color shift.......I can see in the pic that the stuff printed before the shift had some banding in the black.Haven't changed anything in the file, rip, media type, etc.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.......I have two piece left for this wrap that have to match or I'll be reprinting the whole thing.


hmmm....decided to put some cleaning fluid in the captops to check and magenta doesn't drain at all so that may the issue. Will post as soon as I check the line.

Did have a little clog in the y fitting but that didn't fix the color shift problem.

It almost looks like the black opacity got turned down. Using same ripped file that printed the darker version so nothing has changed there.

Spent another hour or so going checking lines, running tests. Odd the black only seems starved on grays. All med to dark grays have a pink cast and look as though the opacity has been turned from 100% to 50%.

I'm at a loss so I guess the next step is to replace the rest of the heads.

I have finally solved my pink cast issue.......not sure it will work for all but I'll share just in case.

I replaced the printheads, cap tops, dampers and still had the pink cast. After several hours yesterday and many more today I finally found the issue or a combo that seems to have fixed it.

First.....The Y fittings connecting the cap top to pump had clogs. Not solid clogs but enough it was keeping the ink from draining fast enough. Soaked and cleaned those.

After that I still had a slight cast so I got to looking at the flushing adjustment. Although I'm not 100% sure where the printhead is supposed to land I moved the head to the right(towards control board) and now have perfect black again.

Spoke too cast is back. Replaced cap tops yet again this morning, changed media profiles, etc. and it is back just as bad as before. I'm at a total loss on how to fix it.

If I'm printing a solid black it prints perfect but any shade of gray and the magenta cast is there. The lighter gray the worse it is. All new printheads, dampers, captops, everything is adjusted and aligned. I checked ink lines, flushed capping station lines. Checked Y fittings.

Any suggestions on any other things that could cause the issue would be greatly appreciated.

off chance but at this point I'm grasping at it possible the GND plate on the magenta head not making good contact could cause the mist or pink cast issue?

The little clip that holds it firmly to the adapter partially busted when the magenta head manifold busted and took the ground plate with it.

Ground plate didn't fix the issue so I reinstalled VW and tried printing samples at version 2.6, 3.3 and 5.5.1 all with same results. I did notice the roland stock profiles for wrap and generic were less pink cast on gray than the orafol files. So with printer hardware, software, and vinyl ruled out that leaves me with ink. After printing some files today I'm thinking maybe a color calibration is needed. Red is def off(dull instead of bright).

Is there a software program anybody recommends for this?

I understand from researching one is needed to achieve the correct results.

Post the nozzle test with the new heads and which grey are you using and finally when you print the color chart are the roland greys - pinkish


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