Here we go again....seems like I have run across this issue before but since it resolved itself I have no clue the cause.  Printing what should be a dark gray check plate pattern(have printed 90% of this wrap) and after changing the magenta printhead I now am getting a lighter gray with a pink cast.

Lines look air bubbles I can see. Dampers are full.

Nozzle check looks ok

Any suggestions as to a cause or fix?


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latest nozzle test

All Roland grays print normal with no pink cast.

I printed a file today that I have printed over thousands of times of the years(black and white sticker). Today the black looks like cmyk black hmmmmm.......never has before. I go in to illy and change file to RGB and it is back to printing a rich black. Now the million dollar question is what changed.

The file I was printing that went pink cast was already loaded into VW and had printed over half a van wrap before it changed colors(color change came after a head strike). The file in question was created in RGB.

Tomm I will do some more test printing and check settings in VW.

RGB will always pop over CMYK

So use either RGB, Pantone, or Roland Library to get you your best colors on the CMYK printer- the printer color set can reach a higher gamut is the easiest way to explain.

Nozzles look good - so I am sure it is a setting - the head strike could knock the head to cause a color shift, but that should now be corrected

You might not be able to match, unfortunately. Small testing and good luck may help

Thanks Irving

I typically always create my artwork in RGB but customer sent files are usually cmyk. Up until now they have always printed fine. Didn't have time to do any testing today on the gray files. I did do a little on the fly testing while printing a partial wrap. Today oracal 3169 profile seems to be working  to get the correct colors on both cast and cal. This file is a simple solid red and blue but the red was red.

Soon as I get caught up a little I'll do some more testing with grays and gradients. There has to be a cause and I'm determined to find it! Been a costly disturbance!


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