Hello, Anyone out there using photo tex Please Help. I'm trying to contour cut with my Roland VS 540 and have my speed set at 55 with pressure at 7. Have used blade C160 & ZEC-U3050 and have cute a dozen great but blades dull fast. Anyone who's got this dialed down your knowledge ad experience would be appreciated.

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If Photo Tex is anything like Graphic-Tex, you can expect that it will dull your blades quickly.

Thanks Dennis, what type of blades do you use, speed force and pressure when cutting photo Tex? Any add info may help me.
And do you know of any other adhesive material that Sticks as well as Photo Tex that is easer to cut.
I like the warm feeling of a non glossy look for my decals. Looks less commercial for home use for wall stickers.


We use a 45 degree blade. The cut pressure varies based on how much use the blade has had. We do a test cut first. Cutting seed depends on how large an object we are cutting and its shape. That said, the maximum speed we cut at is 30 cm/sec. Our go-to for general signage is 3M IJ35C Scotchcal Graphic Film with Comply. It has a matte finish and applies very well.


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