Howdy.  I have had my first request for paper print's some photos taken and they want them printed @ 7"x5".  So, I went to my local vendor and he sold me SIHL #3686 TriSolv Premium Paper 200m Semi-gloss.  So, I set it up in my VS540.  In Versaworks I used the following parameters:

Profile: MPP-SG

Color Management properties:

     RBG(R): AdobeRGB1998.icc

     CMYK(C): Roland_SignCMYK.icc

     Raster: Perceptual

     Vector: Colormetric

     Checked "preserve primary colors"

    Check "Use embedded ICC profile

Heater Controls: Use Printer settings

So, I did the print and the output looks very grainy (attachment).  Ran it a second time with the profile of:  GPPG: White Glossy paper  just to see what might happen and same grainy output.  

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Why are you using printer settings and have a profile - working against each other and the ink drying to soon

in VW on the printer tab  - use default media in all three

Thanks Irving...but I had it incorrect on my list of settings.  I did have the printer tab set all at default.  I always do...learned that from you:).  So, I don't think the ink is drying too had to sit over night to dry.  After it printed it was still wet.  Seemed saturated.  don't know if that had anything to do with the graininess (splotching).  And, even though I adjusted the color management properties, the prints were dark.  

I just did these prints on my desktop HP printer and they came out great.  Took about 5 minutes and not much dry time required.  And the color is spot on.  Wish I could make me Versacamm sing to that tune.  I've never really had a request for paper prints so I'm learning.  The only time I really print photo quality items is when using instaprint and that always looks great.  I would love to be able to offer photo quality paper prints but just need to learn how to make it work.

thanks for the help.  You are the man:)

it looks like there is way too much ink going down on that media. Is there a media profile that the manufacturer of the paper recommends? 

Yeah...I called SIHL and the tech told me that they run a Versacamm there and use the Generic vinyl 2 profile built into VersaWorks.  Tried it and did the trick...crazy.  

Thanks so much for the help guys.  Merry Christmas!

Hello Matt, How do you consider the print quality. I will like to add fine art printing to my list of products but I hear the quality is not there compared to other machines


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