We had severe lightning last night. Even though I have a surge protector/battery backup unit, I decided to shut power to my machine. I turned off subpower and than the main switch. When I turned it on today it beeped and showed all inks as being empty. I pushed pause and it changed to "now processing" where it remains..blinking.

Thanks for any and all advice,


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I'm not a tech.  If it happened to me, I would shut off the power, wait a minute, then restart.

I have done that a couple of times, but it remained the same.

Thank you Dennis.


Unplug the machine for 5 minutes power back up if the error is still there, with the machine powered up remove and reinsert carts one at a time pausing between each and see which one caused the error. My machine did the same a couple of months back and it was the cyan cart causing the issue.

Butch, when you did that did all of your inks than show as being full? I understood if you remove a cartridge and replace it that no matter how much ink is in it that it wlll than show as being full. I tried removing all the cartridges one at a time with the power off and replacing them, but it did not help on power up. I need to print tomorrow so I will try with the power on....maybe with cyan first :)

Thank you for the tip, signgeezer

No, my machine does not show full carts when I remove and reinsert no matter how many times I do it.  I removed  and reinstalled with power on.

Thank you Butch,

The Magenta was the culprit, and the ink levels are correct. Back to work in the morning, thanks again.



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