I created a rectangular outline around a design in CorelDraw X6 and assigned it a Roland color corresponding to a cut line (upper screen shot). When I opened the file in VersaWorks, only two sides of the cutline were present.  To make viewing the outline easier, I only exported the cut line into VersaWorks (in the attachment, the lower screen shot). In this screen shot, there is a dotted line (red marching ants) along the top and left of the screen but not a complete rectangle. When I processed the file, it printed nicely but only two sides of the rectangle were cut.

I created the rectangular outline two different ways and got the same result; 1) I created a boundary around the rectangular design and 2) I created a rectangle and fitted it around the design.

I'm sure there is an obvious explanation for this; but, it is not obvious to me. Thoughts?

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Could you please post the original file?

Sorry, should have done that with the original post.


If you saved the file as an eps, make sure you have a small margin setup in file format in settings. This should be done to set as a default. Mine is set at .01.

what is your eps margin set at?

Was the file in VW - eps or pdf -

Remember the eps bump works on eps files not pdf

The obvious explanation was that the eps setting was 0.0 for the queue that I was using. Changed the setting to 0.1 and it fixed the issue. I seem to recall that there was another post recently dealing with this but I must not have been paying careful attention. Thank you gentlemen, you made my day.

I am having this same problem. How do I fix this in corel?



You fix it in Roland VersaWorks. In VersaWorks, click on EDIT, pick QUEUE A Settings (if you are using QUEUE A), click on File Format and you should see a box that has EPS settings. If it is 0.0, change it to 0.25.

It is most likely a margin problem.  As others have said if you used an eps file set the margin in VW.  However, I have found when setting up a file as a pdf to be sent to VW I need to set the "Page size" in Corel to just slightly larger than the graphics.  When I set my "Page size" in Corel to the exact size of my graphics I have had this same problem with cut lines.

Interesting. I learned something new today.

That was a frustrating process figuring that one out.

I believe it.


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