Hi all. I'm looking to replace the wiper in my VS-540i and the cutter strip as well. I'm having a hard time finding them on the Roland store; or if I do find a part it doesn't necessarily list my machine as a direct fit. If I could get solid part numbers, that would be great. Thanks in advance!

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The felt wiper is the same for many VS machines. I believe it is 6736. Call Roland 949-727-2100 for proper part numbers .

They have helped me before.

I'll give them a call.


Unfortunately, the wiper and the felt are different parts on the VS machine. The VS & VSi use the same wipers and felt. The part will say for the 640, but fits the 540, 300, and the BN20.

Page 1-17

24 1000006736 WIPER,HEAD FELT VS-640

25 1000006517 WIPER,HEAD VS-640

26 1000006737 WIPER,SCRAPER VS-640

Page 1-18

2 6701409200 ASSY,CAP TOP VS-640_01

I threw in the scraper and the captop also

Even better!  It asked me to change the felt about a month ago, which I did.  I've been waiting for it to tell me it needs a new wiper.

My cutter pad / strip is overdue for a change out also.


You will not get a notice to change the scraper or the captop - 

On the scraper, I remove the whole unit - 2 screws to remove and 2 screws to hold the scraper and it is real easy with long allen wrenches.

I would say the (rubber?) wiper is well past it's prime.  As far as the captop what are the signs it should be replaced that I should look for?  I usually wet it with the solution as part of my Friday afternoon ritual.

The weekly wetting is excellent and I recommend that.

The top is rated for 6 months. However, that is for White and Metallic in slots use. 

If you do not have those inks inserted - you are good for at least a year, some get more, some less depending on environment. The other part of the question is better. If you see a lot of nozzle drops (hmm) then the first recommendation is to change the top. Also, I would remove the lower right cover, do a normal clean and watch the pull through through the lines from the captop. You would be looking for fluid moving and checking for blockage of the T connectors. Lastly if ink is pooling in the top or you see ink dropping on your prints. Change the top.

Oh.  Ours is set up for CMYK, cmk.  Looks like I'm going to be doing a small overhaul on the right side of the machine then.  The only thing "new" is the felt wiper.  Everything else is probably a couple years old at this point.  The prints are still nice and sharp and there are no sign of droplets or banding on any of the media that I've put through it.  It's quiet around here right now and as long as the government is allowing us to continue to work here, why not do it?


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