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I know there is a thread going around about this currently, but I wanted to start another one as my laptop with VW is hardwired into my printer, I'm not using a router at all and never have.  VW is the only program on that laptop.  It is relatively new and I never had this issue with my old laptop.  Today, I have gotten the printing timeout with the "Now Processing" error either halfway through or almost all the way through the large jobs I was printing.  I have the Windows Antivirus turned off, but my question is, could this be happening because my laptop "goes to sleep" before the job is finished?  I've tried ripping the whole design before starting to print and that didn't make a difference.  

I called my local Roland dealer/repair techs and they told me that there is a good chance that this happening means the mainboard needs to be replaced????!!!! I haven't heard anyone else mention that as a cause in any of the other threads I've read about this on here....

Can anyone tell me what else I might try to see if I can fix this??  I've already replaced the printhead on my machine (VS-300) and I really don't want to dump another 2K+ into it :( :( 



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Sydney if you read all the old threads then you know to turn off your antivirus and turn off your screen saver and to not have your harddrive or screen go to sleep while printing. Your printer is hooked with Ethernet and requires two way constant communication. So if the machine, hard drive goes to sleep or a packet is grabbed to be inspected you will get the now processing error and then nothing. Have your system never go to sleep and deactive the others and you should be fine. If it happens after that, then initialize for you may have a bad file. If all that fails (and it wont) then your MB.

Hello yes, I think because your laptop goes into sleep mode the printer lost connection.


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